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What are the benefits of using aluminum-magnesium carbon bricks?


In recent years, many companies have developed several types of integrated masonry lining materials, such as aluminum-magnesium carbon bricks and magnesia-carbon bricks, such as medium-grade aluminum-magnesium carbon bricks for the main body of the cladding; High-grade aluminum-magnesium carbon bricks with local vulnerable parts. The aluminum-magnesium carbon brick has the characteristics of low porosity, strong slag corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, etc., especially forming spinel during use, further improving the peeling resistance and slag resistance of the product, and enhancing the resistance of the product against slag erosion. ability.

Different grades of aluminum-magnesium carbon bricks are used in continuous casting ladle, and their service life is 2 to 3 times of the service life of high-alumina lining bricks. For example, in the 200-ton continuous casting ladle (CAS-OB refining treatment) of Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. The average life span is more than 70 times, and the lining erosion of the ladle is balanced to achieve economical operation.

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