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What is fused magnesia?


A high-purity magnesia brick is a general term for products in which magnesium materials such as magnesite are treated at a high temperature to a degree of sintering. Using a high-temperature equipment such as a shaft kiln or a rotary kiln for one-time calcination or two-step calcination, the magnesite fired from natural magnesite is called sintered magnesia; the magnesite is used as a raw material to be cooled by melting in an electric arc furnace. The latter formed is called fused magnesia; the seawater magnesia is made by extracting magnesium oxide from seawater. Magnesia is one of the most important raw materials for refractory materials, and is used to manufacture various kinds of magnesia bricks, magnesia-aluminum bricks, ramming materials, and charging materials. It contains more impurities and is used for paving steelmaking furnace bottoms.

The high-purity magnesia is obtained by purifying and purifying the natural super magnesite ore by light burning, fine grinding, ball pressing and ultra-high temperature oil shaft kiln. It is a high-quality raw material for brick making and indefinite refractory materials.

The mid-range magnesia is produced by calcining magnesia with a MgO content of 97% as a raw material, and is subjected to a process such as pressure ball and high temperature shaft kiln calcination. The product has good sintering degree and compact crystal, and is a high-quality raw material for producing medium-grade magnesia refractory products.

The fused magnesia is obtained by melting a selected special grade A natural magnesite or high purity light burnt magnesium granules in an electric arc furnace. The product has high purity, large crystal grains, compact structure, strong slag resistance, good thermal shock resistance, and is an excellent high-temperature electrical insulating material. It is also a high-grade magnesia brick, magnesia carbon brick and amorphous refractory material. Important raw materials.


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