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Magnesium refractory enterprise calendar "magnesium" pain should be



In the case of environmental protection, the discontinuation of sintered magnesia and the price increase have become the norm for the past two months. At present, almost all of the high-purity magnesia has been discontinued, and the supply is insufficient. The mid-range magnesia has been shut down for three-quarters, and the supply is still tight. The price of re-burned magnesia has exceeded 1,000 yuan, but the supply is hard to find. Magnesia refractory companies are stationed in the Northeast, but barely able to purchase sintered magnesia.

After the magnesium refractory enterprises experienced the pain of soaring magnesium prices and the difficulty of securing the supply, do they need to consider the development of the market? The recommendations are as follows.


First, improve the industrial chain. For large-scale enterprises, refractory enterprises with monthly magnesia of more than 1,000 tons need to expand the industrial chain, acquire raw material enterprises, or sign strategic cooperation to solve the pain of raw materials, reduce costs and increase competitiveness in terms of price;

Second, the replacement of raw materials. Under the circumstance that the price of raw materials is high and the cost of products is soaring, the product formula that has been used for many years is also adhered to. There are already some products in the industry for the use of aggregates and fine powders. For the products that replace magnesia, reclaimed magnesia and forsterite are used. Need daring, high-energy and versatile engineers to drive;

Third, management refinement and adjustment. The price increase of this magnesia has been expected by the procurement staff of the company. However, there are many levels of management and approval. When the approval is completed, the price of sintered magnesia has been greatly increased, and it is a good time to miss the stocking. Therefore, reflection on the details of management is required.

If you don't think about it, you will pay a heavier price. You don't have to stick to it, you need to change the light, you need to change from time to time, and wait for opportunities. Magnesium refractory companies should act.


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