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Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Refractory Industry


The day before yesterday, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website announced that in order to strengthen the management of the refractory industry, guide reasonable investment, accelerate structural adjustment, transform the development mode of fused magnesia bricks, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the refractory industry, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized the refractory industry access conditions. 》 (Consultation Draft), is now open for comments.

It is reported that the draft for the refractory industry has been regulated in terms of production layout, process and equipment, quality management, clean production, energy saving and comprehensive utilization, safe production and social responsibility, supervision and management. The opinion draft pointed out that in strict control of new production capacity, in principle, relying on existing refractory production enterprises, through joint reorganization, implementing equal or reduced replacement, carrying out technological transformation, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, and producing and promoting the use of amorphous refractory materials. Optimize the industrial structure and increase production concentration.

Refractory materials are indispensable basic materials for the development of high-temperature industries such as steel, building materials, non-ferrous metals, chemicals, machinery, and electric power. The refractory industry has set a threshold for entry, which will reduce duplication of investment and circumvent small businesses, which will help promote the orderly development of the refractory industry.


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