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Brucite chunk

Brucite chunk

  • Classification:Potassium feldspar
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  • Date of issue:2019-11-25
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Albite, a triclinic glassy crystal, generally colorless, white, yellow, red or black, is a type of feldspar. Sodium feldspar is a frame silicate structure with a specific gravity of 2.62 and a Mohs hardness of 6 - 6.5. The content of anorthite is less than 10%. Albite is a sodium mineral of the plagioclase solid solution series, most common in pegmatites and granites, first discovered in Sweden in 1815.

Albite is a kind of feldspar, a common feldspar mineral, and a sodium aluminosilicate. Albite is generally a glassy crystal and may be colorless or white, yellow, red, green or black. It is a raw material for the manufacture of glass and ceramics. Many rocks have the composition of albite, which is called a rock-forming mineral. Albite is mainly used in the manufacture of ceramics, soaps, ceramic tiles, floor tiles, glass, abrasives, etc., and is mainly used for glazes on ceramics. The albite mineral resources in Jiepai Town, Hengyang County, Hunan Province are abundant. The reserves of albite, kaolin, potash feldspar and quartz stone amount to 200 million tons, and there are nearly 40 mining and mineral processing enterprises. The Dalingling mining area (mainly albite) is the largest single mineral deposit in Asia with a crown of 80 million tons. The town has an annual mining volume of over 500,000 tons and is supplied to hundreds of ceramic factories nationwide.

A common feldspar mineral, sodium aluminosilicate (NaAlSi3O8). It is most common in pegmatite and Changying igneous rocks such as granite, and is also found in low-grade metamorphic rocks, and is found in some sedimentary rocks as authigenic sodium feldspar. Albite usually forms brittle glassy crystals of various colors. Can be used to make glass and ceramics, but its main significance is a rock-forming mineral.

Sodium feldspar is a sodium-terminated mineral of the plagioclase solid solution series and the alkaline feldspar series. With a three-slanted frame structure, silicon and aluminum are tetrahedral coordination, forming a large vacancy (ie, lattice position), which is mainly occupied by cationic sodium. Although all silicon atoms and aluminum atoms occupy a tetrahedral position in this structure, their position is different. The distribution of silicon and aluminum atoms is highly ordered at low temperatures, and the distribution of atoms is much more disordered at high temperatures of about 1100 °C.

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