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Burnt magnesium

Burnt magnesium

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  • Date of issue:2019-11-25
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Calcined magnesium is a chemical substance, which means that when magnesite is calcined at 1800 °C, the carbon dioxide of the high-purity magnesia brick completely escapes, and the magnesia of the fused magnesia brick forms a dense block of periclase.

This burnt magnesium has a high degree of refractoriness. Its main component is magnesia. It is made by natural super magnesite ore by flotation purification, light burning, fine grinding, high pressure ball pressing and ultra-high temperature oil shaft kiln calcination.

The calcined magnesia is mainly made up of 46% or 46.5% magnesite ore, which is calcined in a tin kiln. Calcined calcined magnesia is divided into three types: one, under-burned calcined magnesia, two, pre-kiln burnt magnesia, heavy burnt magnesia, three large chunks of burnt magnesia, and burnt magnesia An alkaline refractory raw material, whose main components are magnesium oxide, silicon dioxide, calcium oxide, ferric oxide, aluminum oxide, loss on ignition, and the refractory temperature of the burnt magnesia can reach 1600 ° C - 1800 ° C Between, the burnt magnesia products are widely used in magnesia bricks, magnesia-aluminum bricks, magnesia-chrome bricks, spray materials, castables, electrical steelmaking furnaces, heating furnaces, rotary furnaces, steelmaking, electric furnace bottoms and linings. .

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