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How to make the magnesium oxide industry better and stronger?


   Magnesium oxide should be "long" and more "long brain" and become the main force in the development of magnesium salt industry. At present, there are still some gaps in the research and development of magnesium oxide production in China compared with developed countries. High-purity magnesia bricks still need to strive to break through and master key core technologies, cultivate high-value-added high-end products, and continuously enhance high-end supply capabilities. “The 13th Five-Year Plan clearly sets out and systematically elaborates the five development concepts of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing. Innovation is the first driving force for development. Transformation is the fundamental purpose of innovation and development. Only innovation and transformation can truly realize kinetic energy. Conversion."

 Magnesium oxide should be self-reliant and lead the industry to become a dominant force in optimizing the industrial ecology. At present, China's magnesium salt enterprises are large and complete, small and full, and the level of professional cooperation is low. Large and medium-sized enterprises lack joint cooperation, and magnesium sulfate enterprises urgently need to establish a good industrial ecological concept. "Magnesium oxide should change the strategy of large and complete, and establish a common development relationship with SMEs, focus on one or several key links such as the industry chain and focus on the industry's leading products and core business." The magnesium oxide industry will do the next step.

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