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Refractory materials are widely used in various fields



At present, refractory materials are not only used in the steel industry, but also widely used in alumina, ceramics, coatings, and heat treatment applications, and fused magnesia bricks maintain market share in these fields. From the analysis of the current operating pattern of polished grade brown corundum, the US market is still dominated by domestic products. However, with the adjustment of the product structure of China's operating enterprises and the improvement of scientific research level, China's products of this kind will have the ability to participate in international competition. The demand of the automotive industry for alumina-grade abrasive materials is increasing due to the improvement of casting technology and the use of plastics. As a result, the polishing and grinding process is reduced, and there is a tendency to gradually decline.

Bauxite applications have potential market and development prospects, including oilfield proppants and non-slip surfaces. At present, this amount is quite small. Although the market for welding materials is small, the demand is relatively stable, and the demand for chemical applications is decreasing with the requirements of technological progress and environmental protection in the paper industry and sewage treatment. However, the cement industry is still one of the main areas of bauxite application. The demand for alumina for refractory materials tends to decrease, but the application prospects on non-slip roads are encouraging.

  The anti-slip layer of bauxite is mainly used for road crossings, signal signs and crosswalks. Although Guyana and Chinese bauxite can be used for anti-slip layer, Guyana products have high abrasion resistance, strong anti-sliding ability, gray color, suitable for road use, and the color of Chinese bauxite is yellowish brown, which is too eye-catching on the road. In recent years, the deep processing of China's bauxite industry has developed rapidly. At present, many processing factories have been established in the main export ports of bauxite such as Tianjin and Zhanjiang, mainly processing different sizes of sand grains and fine powders of different fineness. Constantly improve the price advantage of China's bauxite and the ability to participate in market competition.


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